Ron Stickler is an award-winning sales professional, achieving numerous accolades in a career spanning over 38 years. After years of study in the field of personality recognition, Ron developed a streamlined, consolidated method of applying these techniques to the business world, giving both businesses and individuals the competitive edge necessary to succeed. In the Prosperity Personality Recognition Course, Ron teaches students to recognize, understand, and communicate with different personality types, adapting communication styles to the needs of the individual. Through this one-day seminar, students can improve their sales and managerial skills, reaching unprecedented levels of success. Previous graduates have gone on to numerous awards and successes. Since 1998, Ron has taught his proven communication techniques, offering flexible scheduling, a money-back guarantee, and passionate, personal lessons for his students.

Benefits for managers include:

• An excellent ROI on your investment
• An increased ability to get the most out of every sales person
• Reaching and exceeding sales goals

Benefits for salespeople include:

• Closing more sales, quickly and effectively
• Increasing your closing percentages
• Reaching and exceeding sales goals more efficiently